Apple Wireless USB and Keyboard
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Add Wireless Usb Connect To Apple Wireless Keyboard.

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Make any USB storage device wireless.

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Make Your Own NOTEBOOK Using CHIP.

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Open Door Alarm with GPIO and Monit
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Ever left your freezer door open, only to find you spoiled your entire stock of frozen strawberries? This project aims to prevent that.

  • AirDrive 3 days ago

    sorry for that it is path=home/chip/media/

  • AirDrive 3 days ago

    you can install it from Package updater(alternative way)

  • AirDrive 4 days ago

    Hi Cédric,
    No currently you cannot connected by usb to a computer,
    thank you! for giving me a new idea about this , by connecting usb data lines to micro usb port

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