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Open Door Alarm with GPIO and Monit

Ever left your freezer door open, only to find you spoiled your entire stock of frozen strawberries? This project aims to prevent that.

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Open Door Alarm with GPIO and Monit

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Any kind of Reed sensor / Magnetic switch
Any normally open sensor or switch will work.
Speaker with 3.5mm earphone plug

Software apps and online services

monit (Tildeslash Ltd)
I use monit to poll the gpio via a bash script. Monit can be installed via apt-get: "sudo apt-get install monit"


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Proxy script called by monit

Wrote this script to call Jeff Larkin´s shell function from monit.

First it registers the shell functions and later I call them to enable input for pin 8, and read it´s state. Then I exit with success if the door is closed or with an error (1) if it is closed.

. /home/chip/gpio/

gpio_disable 7
gpio_enable 7
gpio_mode 7 in
retval=$(gpio_read 7)
echo $retval
exit $retval

Monit check-program config

Plain text
I wrote this config to make monit execute the shell script that reads the sensor state. I included put this file in /etc/monit/conf.d so it as automatically included.

This check calls the shell script to determine the status of the door. If it is "open" 10 times in a row, then we play a wav-file through the speaker. Note that I have set the monitoring interval of monit to be once every second. So this config gives me 10 seconds to close the freezer door.
check program freezer_door with path /home/chip/gpio/
       if status != 0 for 10 cycles then
exec "/usr/bin/aplay /media/chime.wav"

Shell function library for gpio by Jeff Larkin

Found this on github after making my own, but ended up using Jeff´s as it more clean and nice


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