Program an Arduino with the PocketCHIP from Kickstarter
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One of the things PocketCHIP can be used for is programming and controlling or processing date from an Arduino. We show you how.

Pocket CHIP Spectrum Analyzer Using SDR
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Full instructions

I was able to modify Adafruit's Freq Show program to enable it to run on the pocket CHIP.

Information at Your Fingertips - Offline Wikipedia
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This describes how to carry the entire(!) English Wikipedia with you.

Replacing Window and Desktop on PocketCHIP
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Full instructions

I have noticed that the launcher, settings, and window manager on my PocketCHIP are somewhatrestrictive. So I found a much better one.

Use PocketC.H.I.P to control Arduino over Bluetooth
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I will show you how to link your PocketCHIP to an Arduino using a HC-05 Bluetooth module.

Pocket Chip: How to Blink an LED
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That is a tutorial on Chip and her backpack, Pocket CHIP. What is CHIP? CHIP is the smallest Linux-based computer. Let's blink an LED!

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